Terms & Conditions

  1. The International Congress for Medical Students and Young Doctors, is the first medical congress from Moldova run and organized by the Association of Medical Students and Residents(ASRM), whose main purpose is students’ and young doctors’ scientific experience and knowledge exchange, as well as intercultural relationships fortification.
  2. The Organizing Committee consists of members of the ASRM Scientific Department, and includes: a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, as well as representatives for IT, workshops, social program, poster presentations, dentistry faculty, pharmacology faculty.
  3. The Congress will hold the following scientific sessions: Internal Medicine; Surgery; Pharmacy; Dentistry; Public Health; Fundamental Sciences; Ethics, deontology and nursing; Case Reports.
  4. There are two participation options available: as an active or as a passive  Active participants will be able to present their scientific work to an international audience and take part in the abstract competition. Passive participants will not be able to present their own research results at the conference, but they can fully take part in the scientific and social MedEspera program.
  5. All medical students starting their first year of studies, as well as medical residents and PhD students are allowed to participate at MedEspera Congress.
  6. Oral presentations, case reports as well as posters can be submitted before the pre-established deadline via electronic registration on the MedEsepra Website.
  7. Submissions received after the deadline will not be taken into account, neither introduced in the abstract book
  8. The Congress will also hold various workshops, to which each participant can also register on the MedEsepra Website. Each workshop has its own maximum participants’ allowance, and once it has been reached, this workshop’s option shall be removed from the workshop list on the MedEspera website.
  9. The social program is optional and can be booked separately during the online registration.
  10. The official language of Conference is English.
  1. The Scientific Committee encourages the submission of original scientific material and case reports / updated results of previous researches, which were not presented at previous editions of MedEspera.
  2. The summary of the scientific works must be written in English, should not exceed 3000 characters in volume (including blank spaces), and shall not contain any grids, graphs nor images.
  3. The abstract has to consist of the following: title, introduction, aim of study, material and methods, results, conclusions and 2 – 5 key words.
  4. Introduction: shall contain all the necessary background data of the research.
  5. Aim of study: will clearly reveal the research’s main purpose.
  6. Materials and methods: will describe the principle of this study’s execution, including the materials, methods and the statistical criteria used in this particular research.
  7. Results: will shortly present the findings revealed during the research process.
  8. Conclusion: shall describe the outcome of the study correlated with its aim of and background data presented in the introduction.
  9. The Case Report Session abstract should consist of 3 parts: background, case report, conclusions.
  10. The authors of submitted abstract must be students or residents Abstracts must include the names of the author, co-authors and tutor.
  11. The first/presenting author (active participant) will receive a confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation. The acceptance process is finished at the moment of the conference fee payment.
  12. All accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book available at the first day of Congress and included in Congress material for all active and passive participants.
  13. The Scientific Committee maintain the right to reject any abstract that does meet below requirements or is in violation of them, to change the form of presented abstracts and to transfer them to another session.
  14. The maximum number of scientific papers per one registered participant is 2.
  1. The required dimensions of a poster are 91cm in width and 122cm height, A0 format.
  2. The title should be large enough to be seen from an approximate distance of 3m.
  3. Participants are required to use a simple font as well as an appropriate size for the text (28-32 for normal text and bigger for subtitles). There should be a suitable contrast between the font and the background.
  4. Each illustrative object (image, figure, graph, chart, table) shall have a title or brief explanation and a legend.
  5. It is highly recommended that all irrelevant details be removed, so as to not overload the poster with information.
  6. All posters are going to be removed after the poster presentation session, and stored at the ASRM deposit.
  7. Each participant is responsible for collecting their own posters from the deposit by the end of the Congress. The organizing committee is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or damaged posters that were not collected prior to the specified time.
  1. A particular session will take place only if 8 or more scientific papers are accepted in the review process.
  2. If the number of papers for a specific session does not meet this requirement, the organizers will transfer them to a session which is most closely related to the topic.
  3. If the number of sheets exceeds the maximum of 20, the section shall be divided in two.
  4. Scientific Committee consists of acknowledged specialists: associate professors, professors, medical practitioners and researchers.
  5. Positively reviewed papers have the right to be presented during the Congress and will take part in the competition.
  6. Coordinators of a particular session have the right to exclude a scientific paper from the competition if the person registering an abstract or presenting a paper does not abide the regulations of the 17th International Congress of Young Medical Scientists.
  7. The scientific papers are presented orally.
  8. The presentation should be sent to an appropriate session coordinator, before deadline set by the coordinator. All animations and sound files are attached by the authors at their own responsibility.
  9. Presenter in an oral session has 7 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for the discussion.
  10. Presenter of a case report has 5 minutes for the presentation and 2 minutes for the discussion.
  11. Presentations that exceed the upper mentioned time span can be interrupted by the session coordinators.
  12. The first author is presenting author and is obligated to participate in the discussion after finishing of the presentation. Co-authors are not allowed to participate in the discussion.
  13. All presenting authors should be able to present the paper in English and respond to the questions.
  14. Prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony held on May 5th 2018
  1. Positively reviewed posters have the right to be presented during the Congress and will take part in the competition
  2. All posters are presented orally.
  3. A poster presentation will take up to 4 minutes and the discussion another 2 minutes.
  4. Presentations that exceed the upper mentioned time span can be interrupted by the session coordinators.
  5. All presenting authors should be able to present the paper in English and respond to the questions.
  6. Prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremony held on May 5th 2018.
  1. The registration process starts on November 1st , 2017. The early registration closes on February 4th 2018, late registration – on March 18th 2018
  2. No payment will be accepted after the late deadline.
  3. The registration fee is 35 EUR for active participants, 25 EUR for passive participants during the early registration, and 35 EUR during the late registration.
  4. The one and only form of the registration fee payment is a money transfer to a bank account of the Association of Medical Students and Residents.
  5. Details of bank transfer will be sent in an e-mail with confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation.
  6. The active participant is scientific paper presenting author.
  7. All active and passive participants are provided with a conference pack (consisting of abstract book, conference gadgets and extra materials) as well as certificate of participation and has priority in registration for extra workshops organized during the conference.
  8. Refunds: A full refund can be requested only until April 12, after April 12 – 50% refund can be requested until April 19, no refund will be provided after April 19.
  1. The registration of a scientific paper is equivalent with the approval of these regulations and consent for processing of all data given during the registration of the scientific paper for the purposes of the Students Scientific Society statute and Conference Organizing Committee tasks, for a preparation of the abstract book, publishing the abstracts and results of the competition on the Students Scientific Society Website and Congress Webpage.
  2. Interpretation of these regulations and settlement of any problems which are not included in regulations should be resolved by the Organizing Committee.