SimOlympic 2020, 4th edition

May 7-8, 2020, 10am - 2pm, str. August 31, 1989, 137 A

Simulation University Olympiad - SimOlympic 2020 is a fresh educational-competitive olympiad at national level, which is also a new practice that has emerged in recent years at an international level. It is a competition involving teams formed exclusively of medical students, who are involved in managing certain critical situations that are simulated.

The evaluation is done by a competent jury on the basis of communication, teamwork, management and solving the case, the correctness of the practical skills - manifested by the participants. As international practice shows, such events are a perfect opportunity to demonstrate and apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Advantages for students:

  • Unique moments in which you identify with your doctor, paramedic and nurse.
  • Realizes that their decision has an impact and has an impact on the patient's life.
  • The opportunity to be under pressure and to understand which skills come from reflex and which ones you have to work with.
  • Simulation of being a young doctor in the hospital departments.
  • Teamwork and developing effective communication skills with colleagues.
  • Synergies of accumulated medical knowledge, rapid processing, implementation of correct decisions in a limited time.

The teams that register for the participation will be made up of 5 people, with a common medical dress code. They will also give a name to their team and record a video presentation with a duration of no more than 5 minutes, which will be demonstrated in the  official opening competition.

Everyone will be involved in various scenarios as thematic and comprehensivenes, manipulating simulators within CUSIM. According to an established Program, after the draw, the quarterfinals or semi-finals will follow, and the best two teams will fight for the title of winner in the grand final.