frequently asked question

After paying and closing the registrations you will receive a notification with the date when the registration for the workshops will start, together with their description. We suggest you to save the date and do not delay the registration, as priority will be given to the first registered.

The registration for workshops and keynote lectures will start 2 weeks before congress.

Of course, you can publish several abstracts, but you will only be able to present one. You can also be co-author for several abstracts.

The Commission will examine all abstracts within two weeks of the deadline for submission of works. You will receive a response on your profile or email about the verification result.

The abstract may not be accepted if it does not comply with the structure rules  (see the regulations, chapter lll) or has not passed the anti-plagiarism program. In order to be accepted, the abstract should have originality more than 70%. You may realize the necessary modifications and send it again.

The co-author will be mentioned only in abstract book. The co-author will not receive the diploma.

According to the IX point of regulation we do not refund money if the participant did not attend the conference.

Any change is possible until the deadline. After the deadline, the abstracts are sent to the verification committee and it is no longer possible to make changes.

If you have been present at all activities according to the agenda, within a week you will receive an email with the link where the diploma can be downloaded.